AIBA, WBC should allow women boxers in full dress

WEB DESK: Hussain Qambrani, the President of Pak Shaheen Boxing Club, Lyari, urges International Boxing Association (AIBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and the other organizations of international sports for allowing the women boxers to opt for participating in boxing combats with full dress during regional, intercontinental and international boxing events.

He appealed Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and the sports organizing departments of provincial and the federal governments to put this demand forward for the facility to avail required option in the dress code for women boxers.

Hussain Qambrani has also requested to the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the Arab League for utilizing their influence and resources in this respect so that the Muslim women pugilists may effectively contribute their efforts to strengthen peaceful atmosphere and healthy culture by participating in the sports within the ambit of Islamic ideology.

Hussain Qambrani has also urged to the sports organizing federal and provincial departments as well as to the Sindh and the Pakistan Olympic Associations for inclusion of Women Boxing in upcoming Inter-Provincial Quaid-e-Azam and SOA Games at official level.