Detained 48 Pakistanis at Moscow airport deported

MOSCOW: After successful negotiations, 48 Pakistanis are deported back to the country, Aaj News reported.

However, Pakistan Embassy said that they will take the matter to Russian officials. As soon as the video of 84 detained Pakistanis surfaced. Pakistan Embassy reached out to the Pakistani citizens and started negotiating the release of the detainees with airport officials.

The Pakistani nationals had been detained in a single room for more than 16 hours. The cause of their detention is still unknown, according to the report.

Pakistan Embassy had sent their Russian speaking official to negotiate the release from the airport officials.
This comes two days after terror attacks in Brussels, which killed 31 people and wounded 270, sending shockwaves across Europe.


Breaking Date: 24-03-2016Breaking is :: Masco Air Port Per Pakistanio Ko Roknay Ka Mamla

Posted by AAJ Breaking News on Thursday, 24 March 2016