6 tricks clever advertisers use to fool us !!

NEWS DESK: Remember how much the swaying hair in any shampoo advertisement used to attract the audience or A Big Mac? Or a really cheesy pizza? Ever gave thought to how did they make this all so tempting? For a big Mac, the meat is under cooked, giving it the juicy look. The pizza is uncooked as well but just broiled and smothered with oil to give it shine. And a lot of photoshop!

Here are six  hacks that photographers and advertising agencies use to give the desired result.

1.Like heating up some some wet cotton balls, and then smartly placing them behind the food tray and allowing the steam to slowly rise up.



The result is something like this:



2. See that ‘ice-cream’ on those ice-cream cones? That’s actually mashed potatoes.



Logic behind using mashed potatoes; real ice cream would melt in a second under the hot lights. Seems legit.

3. See that ‘milk’ in the cereal bowl? It’s actually glue.



Because milk would make the cereal all soggy. Glue, on the other hand, makes the cereal flakes look fresh.

4. They put lipstick on strawberries to make them look redder.



Not sure whether sweet or sour, but they definitely look super red.

5. That piece of cake looks so tempting. Maybe because it’s got cardboard inside.

To prevent the bread from ruining the icing, food advertisers often put pieces of cardboard in between breads and put toothpicks to hold them together.

394670420The final result looks way more tempting:



6. Ice cubes? More like plastic cubes.



Those ice cubes look eerily perfect, don’t they? And they never seem to melt. Well, that’s because they aren’t ice cubes in the first place. They’re made up of 100% plastic that gives them their uniform size.