5th death anniversary of Liaquat Soldier on Mar 30


ISLAMABAD: The 5th death anniversary of famous comedian actor Liaquat Ali better known by his stage name Liaquat Soldier will be observed throughout the country on Mar 30.

Liaquat Ali born in 1952 and started his acting career in 1973, was a stage and television comedy actor, writer, and director. Overseas, he worked in the United States, Dubai and South Africa.

He featured in over 250 plays and co-starred with many famous theater personalities, including Moin Akhtar, Furqan Haider, Umer Sharif, Hanif Raja and Shahzad Raza.

He came from a modest, low-income family of Marwari background in Karachi.Soldier’s unusual last name was given to him by his friend Nazar Hussain, a stage artist. Soldier died of a heart attack at the age of 58 on March, 30, 2011, before his immediate death, he was reportedly participating in a live TV show during a special transmission of the semi-final between India and Pakistan of the 2011 Cricket World Cup and had died.

His death was called “a big loss to the world of comedy dramas”, while, a friend described him as not only a good actor but a “humble, good person.”