5 body parts as unique as your ‘Fingerprint’

WEB DESK: If you think that your fingerprints are the only thing that distinguishes you from the rest 7 billion people, think again! Not just your fingerprints are different from the rest of people, there are various body parts that are also very unique. Here are some of them:

1.  EAR:

earTrace the rim of your ear: Feel those curves and ridges? You’re the only person in the world with that exact shape. The ear is such a handy identifier that Yahoo is developing technology to unlock smartphones with an ear scanner.

2. IRIS:

irisDNA determines the color and structure of the iris, but its random pits, furrows, swirls, and rifts occur during fetal development, which makes every iris unique (even your two irises don’t match each other). The iris, a muscle that opens and closes the pupil to control how much light enters the eye, has tiny textural patterns.


lips A study in the Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences found that the pattern of elevations and depressions in the lips are as unique as fingerprints.


toe-printA fetus’s toe prints develop at the same time as fingerprints, and are just as unique. Since crooks are more likely to leave fingerprints behind, the FBI maintains a national database that links 66 million people to their fingerprints, but does not record foot or toe prints.


tongueLike a fingerprint, the tongue has its own shape and texture, and its tiny bumps and ridges are distributed in a way that is uniquely yours. These patterns rarely change over time since the tongue is protected inside the mouth. Researchers are developing 3-D tongue imaging to aid in identification.