461 Pakistanis imprisoned in Indian jails

ISLAMABAD: At least 461 Pakistani citizens are presently imprisoned in Indian jails.

According to figures of the Interior Ministry, 22 Pakistanis are imprisoned in Amritsar Jail, whose national status is confirmed.

The government has taken necessary steps for release of the prisoners. Whenever, an arrest is brought to the notice of the Pakistani mission, it requests the Indian authorities for consular access to collect information on the detainee to establish his/her Pakistani citizenship.

Once the national status of a prisoner is confirmed, the mission makes a formal request to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs for early release and repatriation.

Generally, such a request is not entertained and the Indian authorities initiate the legal proceedings against the detainee.

The mission arranges legal assistance to the defend the accused Pakistanis and it also facilitates expeditious repatriation of those who are acquitted or completed their respective sentence.