Why ghee is better than vegetable oil

WEB DESK: Ghee has been often replaced by vegetable oil in many households these days because it is repetitively considered as more fattening than vegetable oil. However, it is a myth that ghee contains more calories than vegetable oil.

Ghee is a healthy food- not fattening

One tablespoon of ghee is 112 calories. Ghee helps to lubricate connective tissue and promote flexibility, improve digestion, boost the immune system, alleviate peptic ulcers and colitis, increase wound healing, enhance intelligence and memory, and aid with chronic fever, anemia, and blood disorders.

It is also rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, is lactose-free, and does not raise cholesterol levels. It contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a type of fatty acid that assists with weight loss.

Excess of everything is bad for health

If it is eaten in excess, yes it does affect health. That being said, even if you eat other healthy foods like avocados or nuts are eaten in excess, the same will happen because they are high in calories.

Vegetable oil is bad for cooking use

Ghee is saturated fat whereas oil is unsaturated fat. In a quick science check, unsaturated fats are prone to instability and damage from high heat cooking and frying which is why vegetable oil is not suitable for cooking because it is low on smoke point (It burns very easily)

To make matters worse, oils such as canola or corn are highly refined, which means they go through a lot of processing such as extraction at high heat using chemicals before they are put on the shelf.

Since excess of everything is bad, how much is too much?

Ghee is considered to be unhealthy because people do not know how much is too much. Though it has several benefits, eating unhealthy amounts will only lead to problems. Learn to draw the line at two teaspoons of ghee per day.

Also, remember that it is rich in saturated fat and eating too much can increase your cholesterol levels, affecting the heart.

 Who should avoid it?

Though it has numerous health benefits, people with heart disease, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and obesity should avoid or reduce the intake of ghee to prevent further health complications.

Source: Healthsite.com