Why do people post annoying Facebook status?

WEB DESK: Emotionally unstable people are more likely to post more frequently on Facebook in order to receive social support, a story posted on Time.com states.

Low emotionally stable individuals experience emotions more intensely. The social support they receive helps them boost their well being.

This might be a good idea, because Facebook users get more emotional support than other people.

The downside of using Facebook however is that people show the best and not the worst, leading to a perfect unattainable lives that can make people feel bad as they make comparisons.

Your Facebook profile reveals your personality. It can even tell people your job performance or if you have anxiety.

Your profile indicates if you are extrovert or introvert. In fact viewing your profile is as good as sitting down with you for a short interview.

Your Facebook “relationship status” says a lot about how happy you are.  Men who listed their partnership status (“In a relationship with…”) and women whose profile picture displayed their partner both had happier relationships.

In fact, Facebook can predict with a 33% accuracy who you’ll be dating next week. In an interview Facebook fouder Zuckerberg once admitted that he could predict with 33 percent accuracy who a user will date next week. To deduce this he studied who was looking at which profiles and who was newly single.

Source: Time.com