What went wrong with Pakistani batting?

By Baseer Ahmed

Why would you always do this to me my lovely team? That’s what every Pakistani fan had been thinking helplessly when Pakistan got humiliating defeat at the hands of Indians last night.

One kept thinking why Pakistani batsmen seemed so anxious not to let go any single ball untouched and any single run missed in confusion (2 run out), desperation (4 caught) and wrong judgment  (4 bowled/ lbw)?

They threw all their wickets in their lowest T20I total against India in a haste without giving due importance to the fact that not every ball that has been bowled is meant for disturbing its flight, some are better left alone, a fact that was profusely and profoundly admitted by Shahid Afridi after observing Virat Kohli’s smart moves to not to mess with the tricky balls by either letting them glide past him or clicking them away until the pressure is released.

At one point one would annoyingly be saying, “Come on, you noodle, dare to play this one. But Kohli would be saying not just now. Wait a little.” He was well supported by Yuvraj Singh in almost the same style.

Pakistani bowling attack was remarkable with left-arm fast bowler Mohammad Amir proving his mettle against India with his fiery bowling attack that won the hearts of his fans and his rivals alike.

According to a private news channel report, Amir dismissed Indian batting giants including Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane in his very first over. This was the first incident for India in T20I that their openers got out for a duck.

The charged-up bowler then went on to bring down Suresh Raina, proving once again that his skills were truly an asset for the national team.

Amir was declared the top bowler of the match. But his true recognition came when his Indian rival and exceptional batsman Virat Kohli lauded Amir’s bowling performance.

It seems the Pakistani bowler was determined to prove that he has what it takes to truly become an asset for his team, the report added.

On the other hand, Vice Captain Sarfraz Ahmed (25) could not find anybody on the pitch to partner-support his batting as wickets continued falling apart around him.

Even, the skipper was shown the exit on 2 runs only for not changing his traditional style of playing which has arguably well been criticized by Ajey Jadeja.

Speaking at a program on PTV Sports, Jadeja said since I have seen Afridi batting, his batting style remains the same and, therefore, one should expect his captaincy in the same pattern.

Afridi has not changed his batting style during his whole career no matter he is sent at any number. “He plays with the same technique at every number,” he said.

“No matter if Pakistan is at 40 for four or 400 for four, Afridi will always play with the same approach,” he said adding he has also captained the team in the same way.