Two children suffer from rare ‘Old age disease’

WEB DESK: A brother and sister in India suffer from a rare condition that leaves them looking many years older.

Keshav Kumar, 18 months, and his sister Anjali Kumari, 7, have wrinkled skin, suffer pain in their joints and swollen faces.

The siblings suffer from a rare form of Progeria as well as a disease called Cutis Laxa, which doctors in India say is incurable.

Anjali Kumari said to Daily Mail online: ‘I know I’m different from others my age. I have a different kind of face, a different body, different everything.

‘I have a swollen face while the rest of the world looks normal. People always stare at me and pass bad comments.

‘The children in school call me names like daadi Amma (grandmother), budhiya (old lady), bandariya (monkey), or hanuman (a Hindu monkey lord) and it annoys me. I want to be treated like a normal kid and I want to be accepted for who I am.’I really wish I could look as pretty as my sister. My parents hope that I will be okay one day but it makes me feel sad that my family suffer and feel embarrassed because of me. My only wish is for a cure. I want to live a long pain free life.’

‘We took her back to our doctor at a government hospital but they said there’s no cure for her and her life was in the lord’s hand.

They added they will let me know if there’s a cure but I never heard from them again. Ever since she’s aged very quickly,’ said Anjali’s father Shatrughan.

But five years later Shatrughan and Rinki decided to have another child, a boy Keshav was born, and in time they noticed he too suffered the same condition as his sister.

‘We haven’t taken Keshav to any doctor because we know he has the same as his sister,’ Shatrughan said.

‘We’re a poor family and doctor visits are expensive. They couldn’t do anything for Anjali so we knew they couldn’t do anything for Keshav either.’

Their sister Shilpi, 11, is very protective of her siblings – and said: ‘I hate it when people tease them.

Source: Daily Mail