SRK, Aamir will be afraid to talk due to negative reactions: Sonam

WEB DESK: Bollywood starlet Sonam Kapoor has expressed concern that megastars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan will be ‘scared’ to talk on existing issues in the aftermath of widespread criticism they faced over their comments on the growing ‘intolerance’ in India.

Speaking at launch of her upcoming  film Neerja’s new song, Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se, Sonam told INDIAN Express, “Just imagine the way we are reacting to Shah Rukh or Aamir Khan. They will be afraid to say or talk about things because of negative reactions.”

Sonam believes it is important to put out one’s opinion openly and fearlessly in our country. The actress also feels it is important to support people with opinions irrespective of the nature of their opinions.

“We should be supportive of people who have opinions good, bad or ugly. Everyone should have a right to speak no matter what. I went through this last year. I said something and I was trolled to another level but at the end of the day I was like if I have this platform and voice people actually listen to what I have to say. I am going to keep doing it no matter what. Eventually somebody will listen to what I have to say,” emphasized Sonam.

Shah Rukh’s comments on intolerance in the country saw some radical groups slamming the actor, while some also vandalised theatres screening his film Dilwale.

On the other hand, when Aamir highlighted his wife’s fear of living in India due to certain violent incidents, he sparked a widely-discussed controversy, including comments from members of the Bollywood fraternity.