Shaharyar welcomes Afghan players to use board’s facilities

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan has welcomed the Afghan players to use the board’s cricketing facilities saying Afghanistan team will go a long way in the days to come.

Shaharyar said the Afghanistan team has got a lot of talent and have improved their cricket skills a lot. “Afghanistan showed impressive performance in the series they won against Zimbabwe,” he said while talking to a private news channel.

Shaharyar said the Afghan players are more than welcome to use the PCB’s facilities, grounds etc. “They can also come to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) for coaching,” he said. Shaharyar said his grandmother was also an Afghan and therefore he has special attachment with the family.

He said he was the first elected president of the PCB after the change in the constitution. Speaking about his own routine nowadays, Shaharyar said he used to play hockey, cricket, squash and tennis at the time when he was young. “But now I just do exercise two three days in a week,” he said.

Coming to the national Under-16 team, he said currently there are four players of Baluchistan in the team. “We are getting a lot of talent coming from Baluchistan,” he said.

Speaking about his favorite dish, Shaharyar said he likes to eat `Dal Roti’ very much and have it every day. “I also like to have White meat especially fish but chicken also sometimes,” he said adding but he does not eat red meat.