Prominent sculptor Sadiq Ali Shahzad passes away

MULTAN: Prominent sculptor Sadiq Ali Shahzad died of cardiac arrest at the age of 63 here Tuesday. He is survived by a daughter.

His Namaz-e-Janaza was held at Loha Market Janaza Gah which was attended by a large number of people.

The sculptor was unique in his art and an art gallery was set up after his name at Multan Arts Council sometimes ago.

Sadiq Ali Shahzad used to express his art by using plaster of Paris and many of his sculptures were preserved at Multan Arts Council.

The noted master of his art and lone sculptor from South Punjab depicted local culture and literary works through his work. He developed sculptures of many renowned personalities including Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Baba Bulleh Shah, Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Fareed, poetry icon Mirza Ghalib and many other personalities.

He spent his whole life in Multan and used to work inside a small room near historical Bohar gate.

Another feature of his art work was his effort to depict the poetry of poets particularly Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ahmad Faraz through his sculptures.