PIA initiates action against those actively involved in strike

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has initiated action against those employees who were actively involved in strike whereby causing losses of billions of rupees to the airlines.

Spokesman of PIA Danyal Gillani on Thursday in reference to news report appearing in a section of press regarding PIA management issuing show cause notices to those employees too, who were on leave during the strike days said show cause notices have been issued only to those employees who were actively involved in the strike, after due deliberation.

In a statement, he said the employees having any reservation can submit their reply to the management within the given timeframe, clarifying their position.

He said that law would take its course against those employees only who were found guilty of causing losses worth billions of rupees to the national airlines and sufferings to thousands of passengers.

He added that under the Essential Services Act PIA’s management is bound to take appropriate action against those found guilty.