Per acre strawberry production stands at 300-400 kg in Pakistan

MULTAN: Agriculture experts said farmers in Pakistan were getting 300-400 kilogram strawberry per acre, however, better agronomic practices could increase production above this level.

Experts said strawberry was passing through an important phase of growth and farmers should continuously perform light hoeing, after every 10-12 days, to remove weeds.

Light hoeing was recommended to avoid damage to roots because Strawberry has short roots, said a press release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department.

Water should be applied after seven to ten days at growth stage.

Insufficient and untimely application of water reduces production.

At flower and fruit stage, farmers should apply water after every four to five days while keeping in view the soil characteristics and weather. However, water should not rise above the bed level.

Farmers should also lay husk or plastic sheet on fields under the plant to avoid damage to fruit. Strawberry is a low height plant and its fruit often touch the ground and gets its quality affected.

Harvest of strawberry depends upon weather conditions, variety, and other relevant factors. Strawberry should be harvested only when it is mature completely. Fruit should be plucked along with some part of the stick. Strawberry is harvested after every two to three days and usually farmers have to pluck the fruit six to nine times from a field.