Pathankot incident Malik terms FIR a ‘diplomatic gesture’

Terming the registration of FIR in Pathankot incident a diplomatic and goodwill gesture to India, Former Interior Minister A Rehman Malik emphasised that in the same vein, Indians should also lodge FIR against perpetrators of Samjhota Express attack.

Rehman Malik, now Chairman Senate Committee on Interior, said the position of the FIR by Pakistan per the charter of Interpol “raises many questions”, says a press release.

Senator Rehman Malik said, “let’s wait for the response by the Indian Prime Minister whether he orders the lodging of FIR against those Indians, including Colonel Purohit, who were involved in the heinous act of terrorism when Samjhota Express was attacked on February 18, 2007, killing 65 innocent Pakistanis.”

He said diplomatic relations were based on goodwill and mutual respect from any two sides. India continues to give cold shoulder to Pakistan’s good gestures, he added.

Source: APP