Opposition demands reduction in fuel prices

ISLAMABAD: The opposition in National Assembly on Tuesday demanded the government to reduce oil prices in accordance with reduction in world market and review its decision to privatize Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Resuming debate on the motion situation arising out of non-reduction of oil prices in accordance with the International Market and implementation on the Pakistan Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1952 in PIA, leader of the House in National Assembly Syed Khurhseed Ahmed Shah said balanced opportunities should be provided to both opposition and treasury benches.

He urged the speaker that his yesterday’s speech should be telecast live like other minister.

He also asked for live cast of the House’s proceedings. Khursheed Shah said the government was charging 69.5 per cent sales tax on diesel while the overall 37 per cent sales tax was being collected from petroleum products.

He said the government was collecting Rs 300 billion on account of sales tax on petroleum products. The total oil import bill of the country was $ 11-12 billion during PPP regime while currently it fluctuates between $ 5-6 billion. He said the electricity tariff should also be slashed as fuel prices have reduced significantly at the international market.

He alleged that despite lower prices of fuel, power tariff was enhanced for all consumers.

Shah said 65 per cent of total electricity was being generated from thermal source but tariff was not being reduced.

He said Rs480 billion circular debt was cleared to end power load-shedding but still the people were facing power outage.

He claimed that power load-shedding duration was less as copmpared to PPP’s government. He alleged that despite tall claims of the government, the circular debt again surged to Rs.300 billion.

He said that no relief was given to the masses by the incumbent government on account of power and gas tariffs.