Neerja’s crew members claim the film is more fiction than reality

WEB DESK:Bollywood starlet Sonam Kapoor starrer Neerja  has received rave reviews from  fans and critics’ alike, but Neerja Bhanot’s fellow crew members claim the biopic is a work of fiction rather than a depiction of reality.

Based on the life of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, who was killed during a terrorist hijacking of the Pan Am airline, Neerja, the film, brings to light her heroic and brave attempt at saving lives of hundreds in the face of a crisis.

A Facebook thread revealed that the other crew members on Pan Am 73 believe that the movie is propagating only one side of the story and is unfair to the rest of the crew, The Quint reported. Some were even upset with Neerja’s character’s portrayal in the film and went on to say that the movie is not reality but pure fiction.





Although the crew members are least happy about the film, Neerja’s class fellow and one Pan Am passenger who was witness to the attack, thanked filmmakers for bringing the brave girl back to life and sharing the traumatic experience of the passengers aboard the flight.

To some it is just another movie very well made, they rave about it, ponder over, even cry, ok… Finished … Let's…

Posted by Khanjan Dalal on Sunday, February 21, 2016