Muslim youth beaten to death in Indian state Kerala

ISLAMABAD: A 23-year-old Muslim youth, who was an eyewitness of a crime, was brutally beaten to death on a public road in broad daylight in a south Indian state Kerala.

The entire incident has been video recorded and posted on social networking sites, NDTV reported Tuesday.

The incident took place when 23-year-old victim Shabeer was on his way on a motorcycle with his friend and was stopped by four people, who attacked them with sticks.

Shabeer was an eyewitness in a crime committed by the attackers a year ago, local media reports said.

The victim tried to escape but the men didn’t let him go. They pushed him down on the road and kept beating him with sticks. Soon Shabeer succumbed to his injuries but the attackers kept beating him.

His friend, who is seriously injured, has been admitted to hospital.

He is survived by his father Sakeer Hussain, mother Naseema and brother Shameer and Shajeer.

Vikas, a native of Vakkam, has been arrested in connection with the case, the police said.