Monkeys attract visitors at Margalla Hills

ISLAMABAD: The wildlife especially monkeys are attracting a large number of people here at Margalla Hills of the federal capital.

“The Margalla Hills are home to various species of wildlife, including monkeys, exotic birds and carnivores such as the rare and presently endangered Margalla leopard and these animals especially monkeys attract visitors,” Dr Waseem, an official of Wildlife Foundation told APP.

Commonly found animals in the Margallas include rhesus monkeys, jackals, wild boars, porcupines, mongoose and the pangolin or scaly anteater, he observed.

Much less common are leopards, which occasionally come down from the Murree area but usually remain high up in the hills.

There are a number of species of poisonous snakes in the area, including cobras, Russell’s vipers, kraits-known in local parlance as the half-mi killer and indian python.

Dr.Waseem said “While they generally stay close to the hills, occasionally (particularly in winter when the hills are cold or snow on the peaks of Margalla hills) they can be seen quite far from the Margallas.”

A visitor Faraz Ahmed said “The increasing practice of throwing litter near the hills also attracts both monkeys and wild boar to come and forage through the rubbish.”

Another visitor Ayesha Farooq said “My children enjoyed a lot while going there as monkeys are a source of attraction for visitors.”