Man places marriage proposal on magazine cover

WEB DESK: In an extremely public marriage proposal a man asked his girlfriend to marry him by appearing on the cover of a magazine.

James Greig is pictured on one knee holding a ring for Katie Moore, at the front page of the Observer magazine. Underneath is written, “Will you marry me, Katie?”

The story about him said that the couple was living at a countryside hotel, and the magazine will let its readers know what Katie’s answer was. Later during the day the magazine tweeted, “Katie, said yes”.

The magazine says the pair met in New York through friends and began a relationship, despite Ms Moore living in the US East Coast city and Mr Greig residing 3,500 miles away in London.

Ms Moore, from Shropshire, took part in an interview after being told the magazine was doing a story on long-distance relationships.

The Observer says the proposal is a “first” for a national newspaper.