Lack of rest-rooms in Murree, dampening enjoyment of visitors in snowy winter


MURREE: As people from across the country, particularly twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa thronged Murree on Saturday to enjoy cold weather after Thursday’s snowfall, lack of rest-rooms proved to be wet blanket for them.

“We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries with snow-covered hills and above all the mouth-watering food, but lack of space at hotels and rest-rooms did depress us,” Shafqatullah, a student who had come from KP, said while talking to APP.

In winter season, tourists rush to Murree to enjoy the snowfall. All the restaurants and rest-houses are doing full business as they are filled to capacity. But their number is somewhat less as compared to the number of visitors.

On Saturday, great rush of tourists was witnessed at all the hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The people had to wait for hours to get seats to have tea and meal. Businessmen and shopkeepers of Murree seemed to be happy with this higher business activity, said Asad Alam, who had all the way came from Attock to enjoy weekend.

Almost all the small and big hotels were booked, he said, adding that the Mall Road, which is the hub of Murree, was flooded with tourists.

The tourists were seen enjoying hot coffee and tea while walking on The Mall and at shopping centers. “I am enjoying the weather here,” said Shahid Akram. “Me and my family are having good time.

Children are happy, but absence of public toilets and hotel administartions’ refusal to use theirs, did affect our fun,” he remarked.

He said the local administration should construct rest rooms with all the facilities to lure more visitors to the hilly station. Great rush of tourists was also seen at Pindi Point for enjoying chairlift ride.

“Murree with all its picnic points is the best place to spend winter holidays,” Shahid Sra said.

But the local administration should provide basic amenities for the visitors instead of giving free hand to owners of restaurants and food outlets to loot the people at their will, he added.