Karachi: Students confess to attack on school


KARACHI: Investigation on a bomb scare at a private school in North Nazimabad uncovered that it was an insider job, police claimed.

The incident reported as a bomb attack on Friday was actually a high intensity fire cracker let off by students who were not allowed to sit for an exam by the school management.

Police said that when they looked at the cctv footage they realized that nothing had been thrown inside the school by anyone, so it had to be an inside job.

Police arrested ten students who had been suspected of the attack. During investigation they confessed to the crime.

The students had been barred from sitting in the exam due to non-payment of school fee.

Breaking Date: 15-02-2016Breaking IsKarachi :; North Nazimabad Mai Jummay Ko Niji School Per Dasti Bom Hamlay Ka MUamma Hal Hogaya Police……………………….( Reported By Kashif Faroqi )

Posted by AAJ Breaking News on Monday, 15 February 2016