‘India fails in winning hearts, minds of Kashmiris’

ISLAMABAD: India has failed to win the hearts, minds of Kashmiris and people of occupied valley must be granted right to self-determination in accordance with their aspirations and in light of United Nations resolutions.

Addressing a seminar titled ‘Kashmir’s Position in Pak-India Talks,’ the speakers said peace in the South Asian region was impossible sans resolving the core Kashmir issue.

The seminar was organised by Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK), an international lobbying group.

A large number of university students, politicians and diplomats attended the event.  The students of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir’s universities jointly sent a message to their counterparts in Indian occupied Kashmir on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

The event’s theme summarized what Pakistan’s, political parties, the public opinion and especially the youth wanted to say to the younger generation of Kashmiris growing up under the seven-decade old Indian military occupation and the message is: Pakistan Stands By You.

Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) and YFK displayed some of the best art work that Pakistani and Kashmiri artists submitted as part of a Kashmir Solidarity Day Art Competition.

Judges picked up three best paintings that depict the affinity between Pakistan and Kashmir.

Youth Forum for Kashmir (YFK) led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian-military occupation.