Hyderabad Jail Break attack foiled: ISPR

KARACHI: A plan to break in to the Hyderabad Jail has been foiled by intelligence agencies and its masterminds are in custody, the DG ISPR, General Asim Bajwa revealed during a press conference held on Friday.

The master minds, Naeem Bukhar and Muhammad Farooq Musani were LEJ Sindh Ameer and Al Qaeda sub continent chief respectively. Bukhari had also master minded the Karachi Airport Attack.

The ISPR Chief said that the terrorists planned to break into the Hyderabad Jail and release the main convict of the Daniel Pearl murder case, Omar Saeed Sheikh and Faisal Shahzad who attempted to bomb the TImes Square in New York in 2010.

Gen Bajwa said that terrorists had planned to crash a vehicle laiden with bombs at the main gate, and another van near the wall parallel to the barracks. The two kill teams were then to enter the jail vicinity and break free over 100 prisoners and kill about 45 policemen.

Terrorists had bought a house at Latifabad area in Hyderabad, where they stored weapons under the cover of a water supply business. The terrorists would also transport washing machines and blenders from Karachi to Hyderabad— but the machinery inside the appliances were removed and explosive were fit inside.

A jail employee was also working with the terrorists.

The same group was also involved in the Karachi Airport Attack, the Kamra base attack and the murder of Chaudhry Aslam.

Intelligence agencies have arrested 97 people of the network, which include 6 suicide bombers.

The Army Chief some of the people involved with the network did not even know the actual plan. He asked citizens to keep their eyes open for such terrorists networks as they often live at residential areas.

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Posted by AAJ Breaking News on Thursday, 11 February 2016