How do some people stay effortlessly slim?

WEB DESK: We all have a friend who seems to stay effortlessly thin. Even when he is not on a diet. Why is that?

A research reveals their secret. And it has to do with their healthy lifestyle choices.

The survey, from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, surveyed 122 adults whose BMI was healthy and who reported they didn’t maintain strict diets.

Nearly half exercise at least five times a week and almost a tenth were vegetarian.

For breakfast, more than half eat fruit and vegetables, more than a third eat eggs and a fifth snack on nuts throughout the day.

And some 61 per cent say chicken is their favourite meat, while 65 per cent eat vegetables every day for dinner.

Forty percent of them don’t drink soft drinks and 33 percent prefer diet soft drinks.

Slim people ate high-quality foods, cooking at home, and listening to inner cues in order to stay slim.