Hey you, going to seaside on Valentine’s Day: Beware!


KARACHI: Government of Sindh, in exercise of powers conferred under Section 144 (6) C.Pc, has imposed complete ban on swimming at Seaview Clifton on Sunday.

According to a notification issued Saturday the government to ensure safety of public lives and health which may occur otherwise due to swimming is taking measures required to be adopted.

A letter sent by Commissioner of Karachi division was also referred to asking the authorities that on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a large number of people especially youngsters gather at different beaches, especially at Seaview, Clifton for recreational purpose.

Mentioning that a large number of people also swim or go close to water, and with sea on high tide, Karachi Commissioner was cited to had requested to impose ban so as to protect human lives and avoid any tragic incident.

In pursuance of Section 195 (1) (a) Cr. P.C., SHO of the concerned police stations has been hereby authorized to register complaints, under Section 1888 PPC in writing, against violators of the order, said the notification.