Habib-ur-Rehman passes away at 85

WEB DESK: Famous actor Habib-ur-Rehman has passed away at the age of 85 years in Lahore’s private hospital on Thursday, Aaj News reported.

He was admitted under Intensive Care Unit(ICU). According to the report, he was ailing from sugar and high blood pressure for past several years. Rehman’s funeral will be held today at his residence.

He started his film career in 1956 with debutant movie ‘Lakhtejigar‘ as a side hero along Santosh Kumar and Noor Jehan.

He was born in 1931 in an Indian state Patiala. His first super hit movie was ‘Zeher-e-Ishq’ with Musarrat Nazeer and this movie bought him under the spotlight of stardom.

He won the Nigar award as a best actor for Luqman’s movie ‘Admi’ and Shabab Kiranvi’s ‘Surraiya’. He also won worldwide recognition for his heartfelt performance in the historical movie ‘Devdaas’ paired with Shamim Ara and Nayyar Sultana.