German archaeologist visits Mohenjodaro

ISLAMABAD: Professor Michael Jansen from RWTH Aachen University and Dr. Dan Tidten, Head of Press and Cultural Section from the German Embassy visited the archaeological sites of Mohenjodaro in Sindh on Monday.

They met the members of the Technical Consultative Committee (TCC), National Fund for Mohenjo-Daro.

“Mohenjodaro is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in this world. Pakistanis have every reason to be proud of their immense cultural heritage.

We encourage the Pakistani Provincial and Federal Governments to make every effort to preserve this treasure,” Dr. Tidten said, according to an embassy statement issued here.

Professor Michael Jansen from the renowned German RWTH Aachen University is a specialist on the Indus Culture, on which he has been working for decades.

He has been chairing the Technical Consultative Committee since long. The Indus Culture, which flourished about 4000 to 5000 years ago, is considered as one of the three ancient civilisations of mankind.

Germany has made various contributions to preserve and protect the rich cultural heritage in Pakistan: The very first international UNESCO exhibition on the Indus Civilization was inaugurated in Aachen in Germany in 1985.

Germany co-funded the UNESCO Mohenjodaro campaign in the 1990s, sent experts on preservation to various public museums in Pakistan and has been supporting the work of scholars like Professor Michael Jansen.

Recently, several German museums organised the internationally renowned exhibition “Gandhara – the Buddhist Heritage of Pakistan” in Germany and other countries. Furthermore, Germany is currently funding restoration works in the Nekropolis of Makli Hill near Karachi, it said.