From Sangla to Seattle: The Khussa makes inroads

WEB DESK: An American settled Pakistani Afshan Abbas has launched the ‘very Pakistani’ footwear Khussa and Kohlapuri chappal in the American market.

Her new business venture called the Fuchsia Shoes has made in roads at Seattle, where she sells the handmade Pakistani shoe.

The idea sprung when Abbas bought a kohlapuri chappal from her hometown Karachi, and wore it everywhere when she went back to Seattle, to the mall, at the park, with jeans and skirts— and everyone asked her where the beautiful shoes were from.

Abbas thought that there was a market gap where the American woman could wear the khussa in place of ballet pumps.

With the help of her three closest friends, she found Fuchsia.

“We began our sandal development by conducting a pilot study with girls in Seattle. They wore our Fuschia sandals throughout their day and gave us great feedback. People loved the look and feel of the sandals and could not wait to see them being sold in their city,” she writes on her website.

Encouraged they returned to Pakistan, where their market research led them to a small town ‘Sangla’ in Punjab– where aritsans who have made Khussas for generations live.

With slight changes they sat with the artisans and brought the first batch to Seattle– and they claim they sold like hot cakes.

Their unique selling point is that ‘the shoes are hand made and no two designs are the same”.

An American bride Stephanie bought a batch for her Indian themed wedding.

The Indian themed wedding Source:

The Indian themed wedding



                              Fuchsia Co-founders Afshan and Hamad in Sangla- source: Fuchsia website

Fuchsia Co-founders Afshan and Hamad in Sangla- source: Fuchsia website