Four more minor children died in Tharparkar

WEB DESK:  Four more children died in Tharparkar due to drought and epidemic diseases, Aaj News reported.

Poverty, early marriages, nutrition, preterm births, lack of awareness, education and drought are main reasons of the death of children in desert areas of Tharparkar of Sindh.

Weight of most new-born babies, being admitted to District Headquarter Civil Hospital in Mithi for treatment, is 500 grams to two kilograms.

The District Headquarter Civil Hospital in Mithi serves about one million inhabitants of Thar, coming from villages and towns, large and small. There is a facility of 13 ventilators in Mithi Civil Hospital.

About 50 % preterm babies whose weight ranges from 500 grams to 600 grams are not able to survive, according to doctors in Tharparkar.

Thar Desert, the biggest desert of Pakistan, is spread over the geographic region of 19,623 sq. kilometers, and is home to approximately 1.6 million inhabitants.