Film director A.J. Kardar remembered

ISLAMABAD: Death anniversary of famous Pakistani filmmaker and director A.J.Kardar was observed on Friday. Born on November 25, 1926 in Lahore, Kardar collaborated with Faiz Ahmed Faiz on many films and documentaries.

He is credited in particular for having directed The Day Shall Dawn (Jago Hua Savera), a film which has received international recognition and numerous awards.

It was the first Pakistani film to be submitted for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film Category. He also directed a large number of documentaries, including one on Iqbal.

He produced and directed three feature films and 59 documentaries. Some of the awards which his work has received include The Boston Film Festival Award (1961), The Moscow Gold Medal Award (1959), The Golden Dolphin Award from Iran and the Nigar Award from Pakistan (1969). During the 1970s, he worked with the National Film Development Corporation (NAFDEC).

Kardar came from the famous Kardar family of old Lahore and was the first cousin of Abdul Hafiz Kardar and the celebrated Indian filmmaker and producer A.R. Kardar. He died in London on Febraury 12 after a protracted illness.