Experts recommend sowing of Sugar Baby variety of water melon

MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised farmers to sow registered and approved varieties of water melon including ‘Sugar Baby’ which possesses good production potential and resistance against diseases.

Water melon is a big tasty fruit containing 92 per cent water besides beta carotene, folic acid, vitamin B, and C. Agriculture Department spokesman said in a statement on Friday that water melon could be successfully cultivated on semi-sandy but fertile land having PH value of 5.5-6 in temperature ranging from 25-30 Celsius.

One kilogram seed of good germination strength is sufficient for an acre. Land sould be levelled before sowing and 15-20 ton per acre animal waste fertilizers be mixed in soil by ploughing. Soil cultivar should be applied once and then 3-4 times application of land leveller would soften the soil.

Two-three seed be sown after every 40-50 cm distance. Water be applied soon after sowing. Half bag of Urea be applied per acre at the time of third water or six weeks after sowing. Another half bag of Urea be applied per acre at flower stage.