Diverse artworks by seven artists continues at Nomad Gallery


ISLAMABAD: The exhibition of exquisite paintings and prints by seven remarkably talented artists continue to attract the art lovers here at Nomad art gallery.

The exhibition titled `Posheeda Qadam’, which started on February, 12 (Friday) featured the work of Irum Wani, Komal Shahid, Meherbano Khattak, Nadia Rahat, Saima Beenish, Saima Salahuddin, and Shireen Gul.

The show was the part of activiites held to commemorate National Women’s Day, focusing on the history of the Women’s Action Forum (WAF), whereas the exhibit showcased mixed medium and photography to compliment the theme.

The work displayed, despite being on one theme, varied from each other. Iram Wani displayed mixed medium at the exhibition. She told that her passion lies in working on personal and serious themes. “I have used graphite on paper and most of my work is abstract. I use symbolism to represent my inspiration or to voice out my concerns,” she said.

Saima Salahuddin’s work focuses on the invincibility of the woman who, in the words of Aimon, “is like a tree rooted deeply into the ground.” Komal Shahid said that she enjoys working in mixed medium, which allows her great experimentation.

“For some of the work displayed here, I burnt the wood with a tool and then painted it. The miniature shell where I mix my colours is my primary inspiration for this series.

Through this series, I have tried to narrate a story of her and how she transforms and struggles,” she said while mentioning that her focus lies in the fusion of traditional with contemporary style.

Meherbano Khattak’s series of digital weave is dedicated to five common ladies who played an important role in her life while she was growing up. “I observed and adopted their personality traits which in return made me the human I am today.

In my belief, we are responsible for leaving better people behind,” the artist stated. Nadia Rahat’s work is a celebration of women who dare to raise voices to be heard and change the perception of the world to see that strength.

“In these works, I strongly support the view as put by Harriet Beecher Stowe `Women are the real architects of society.’ Women are threads that run though the fabric of society and shape the future, given love, respect and opportunity to act as change agents,” she said.

Saima Beenish’s work is inspired by nature. “Each plant I see around me has colours and patterns that are exclusive to its kind. A person has to be blind to not remain unaffected by the endless might of Allah, who is the creator of nature,” she briefly stated. Saima uses gouache, inks and thread on `wasli.’ The exhibition will continue till February, 20.