‘Bright Karein’ : Ayesha Sana makes fun of her own self

WEB DESK:Pakistani TV host Ayesha Sana broke silence on ‘Bright karein’ outburst making rounds on the internet by making fun of her own self in her shout-out to the team of the film Bachaana recently.

Some behind-the-scenes video of the popular host were revealed a few months back which depicted her abusive behavior with her team. In one of the videos, she was shouting at her make up artist and telling her to brighten her make up by re iterating ‘Bright karein, Bright karein’ .

Not only did the video itself go viral, it spawned quite a few copycats on Dubsmash and in the form of a fellow host on TV.

We thought that Ayesha might feel bad about the trolls taking the internet by storm and react over them negatively but much to our surprise, the TV host took it in her stride. In fact, she went on to refer to it in her shout-out to the team of the upcoming Pakistani film Bachaana.

Here check out the hilarious video:

In the video, after telling the viewers to go watch the film, she addresses the director Nasir Khan and says, “But director sahab, aap film ko bright tou karein!”

Kudos to Ayesha for having the guts to make fun of her own self.

Sanam Saaed and Mohib Mirza starrer, Bachaana ia all set to release on February 26.