Ayyan Ali appealed to take her name out of Exit-control list (ECL)

WEB DESK: Model Ayaan Ali appealed to the Islamabad High Court to take her name out of the Exit Control List on Wednesday, Aaj News reported.

The IHC has challenged an earlier decision of the custom court to remove her name from the ECL.

The custom court accepted the plea of model Ayyan Ali in November 2015 and instructed the custom department to return her passport.

The decision was taken by Judge Rana Aftab. Earlier, he had adjourned a decision on the matter.The model submitted Rs1,000,000 to the court.

The custom department fears that the model will flee Pakistan if her passport is returned to her, hampering investigation of a half-a -million-dollar money laundering case against her.

Ayyan’s name had been placed on the Exit Control List, amid rumours that she will try to flee Pakistan after she was officially charged on November 19.

In March, Ayyan was arrested on charges of money laundering when she was found with half a million dollar at the Benazir International Airport.

After a several weeks in jail, the model was released on bail.