All issues between Pakistan, EU about deportees settled

BRUSSELS: All issues regarding deportees between Pakistan and the European Union have been settled.

An understanding to this effect was reached at a meeting between the two sides held in Brussels.

The European Union has assured to address reservations of Pakistan about the deportees. The mechanism developed by the Interior Ministry will be followed for confirmation of the deportees’ nationality and their return.

The European Union will also share evidence with Pakistan for deporting people on the basis of terrorism and other crimes.

The European Union commended the steps taken by the interior ministry to check human trafficking.

The European Union has agreed to the verification process as proposed by Pakistan and committed to ensure sending of deportees strictly in line with the Readmission Accord, the immigration laws and the procedures acceptable to Pakistan.

The European Union also welcomed the procedure developed by Pakistan for the transparent and speedy processing of the verification applications and Pakistan’s initiative of developing an electronic platform for the issuance of Emergency Travel Document to the verified deportees.

It appreciated newly developed system of interrogation of the deportees by Pakistan to take action against human traffickers and smugglers.

The European Union has agreed that prior information will be shared with Pakistan to facilitate FIA in making necessary arrangements for the reception and interrogation of the deportees.

It also agreed to share the evidence with Pakistan in cases where any deportee is accused of criminal and terrorist activity.

Both sides expressed the resolve to enhance cooperation for managing current migration and security issues to take stronger action together to tackle the migration challenge. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has welcomed and appreciated European Union’s understanding of Pakistan’s concerns in the implementation of the EU Readmission Agreement.

Commenting on the understanding, he said  illegal immigration is posing problems not only for EU countries but is also a source of embarrassment and concern for Pakistan.

He said the understanding will provide a very good platform for Pakistan and EU to work together with greater coordination in this area.

Radio Pakistan