Ailing Thai king under doctors’ close watch with high fever: palace

BANGKOK: Thailand’s venerated but ailing 88-year-old monarch Bhumibol Adulyadej has been treated for heart trouble, high blood pressure and irregular breathing in recent weeks, the palace said in a statement Tuesday.

The king is worshipped by many Thais as a near-deity, and his frail health is a subject of significant public concern.

He has spent most of the past two years hospitalized for a series of ailments, with few public appearances or speeches.

In a statement released Tuesday evening Thailand’s Royal Household Bureau said the king was being monitored for a high fever after doctors discovered diastolic dysfunction and high blood pressure in his lung last week.

“A team of royal physicians periodically administered antibiotic solution intravenously and also continuously provided oxygen,” the statement said.

Doctors are now “closely monitoring his condition” while they seek an explanation for irregular breathing and a high temperature detected yesterday, according to the palace, which tightly controls information about the royal family.