A review of the blasphemy law?


WEB DESK: Maulana Sheerani, the Head of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), a constitutional body mandated to offer advice on religious issues to Parliament when asked, told a foreign news agency the other day that he is willing to review Pakistan’s blasphemy law. Unlike the past when he tried to offer unsolicited recommendations by putting on the Council’s agenda settled issues that could spark an uncontrollable conflagration, this time the Maulana was mindful of the procedural requirements, as he said “the government should formally refer the blasphemy law to the CII.

The Council can seriously consider the matter and give its recommendation on whether it needs to stay the same, or if it needs to be made more stringent, or softened”. Since the law already carries the ultimate penalty of death, it can hardly be made more stringent.

Yet the statement is important considering that along with other religious parties, Maulana Sheerani’s own JUI-F, which he also represents in the National Ass