5 Bollywood Movies based on true events were factually incorrect

WEB DESK:  Recently Airlift has come under fire for depicting fictitious versions of a true story, and before that Bajirao Mastani too was pulled up for changing the history for some Bollywood flair. Here are some examples of movies depicting incorrect facts to add drama.

Mary Kom


In the climax of Mary Kom, she fights for the world championship while her son was being operated upon whereas in reality the operation was conducted only after she gets back from the world championship.

Bajirao Mastani


The epic historical love story has no factual bases as historically there is no record of Peshwa Bajirao and Mastani’s romantic relationship.



In the movie, Karuvaki is portrayed as the princess of kalinga who was the love interest of the King where in historical records she was a Buddhist fisher woman who was abducted by Ashok.

Once upon a time in Mumbai


Ajay Devgan’s character modeled on gangster Haji Mastan shows the assassination of Sultan Mirza. In reality, Mastan was never killed, he died of illness.

The Dirty Picture


In film Silk Samitha died from an over dose of sleeping pills whereas in reality the reason of Samitha’s death is unknown.

Source: StoryPick