4 Lessons Gul e Rana is teaching Pakistan

by Aruba Adil

Down the 15 episode, drama serial Gul-e-Rana has set the stage for a gripping storyline and outclass acting but only by the lead pair. It is the story of a girl, Gul-e-Rana, played by Sajjal Ali, who after her father’s sudden death comes to live with her uncle along with her mother and a sister.

There she meets her distant arrogant cousin, Adeel, who treats woman with contempt. Adeel’s character is also performed impressively by Feroz Khan. You would come to hate him and empathize at the same time as his character grows on you. It portrays that there is a glimmer of hope to the ‘bad boy’ image he carries.

However, Gul-e-Rana’s portrayal of a damsel in distress is written with a fresh perspective. Although being forced in a marriage, she is not losing her ground and compromising her high standards in the name of living up to ‘good wife’ image. She gives Adeel an eye for an eye.

But other than the complexity of these two lead characters all the supporting cast is dull. Except for Adeel’s cousin Maria, which is played by Sundas Tariq.

1-Gul-e-Rana demands for an equal marriage

Gul-e-Rana never misses a beat against Adeel. Every time she is provoked by her husband, she shows him the mirror.

Her best response so far against Adeel’s egotistical atrocities was when Adeel slaps her and Rana refutes by asking him how he will feel when the same thing is done to her daughter.

2- A girl has to defend herself

It is clearly shown over the course of several episodes that whatever Gul-e-Rana says will never constitute equal to what Adeel has to say on the matter. Her own mother didn’t trust Rana when Adeel accuses her of having an affair nor did her uncle when misled into believing that she is having an extra marital affair.

3- Character and not money counts for suitable marriage prospects

Gul-e-Rana rejects Adeel because he is chauvinistic. Her mother on the other hand thinks he is the ‘dream rishta’ as he is rich.

The rejection leads Adeel to forcefully marry Rana to appease his wounded ego.

4- Even a chauvinistic husband has a heart

There are times when viewers empathize with Adeel’s character. That is when he craves for his wife’s attention. But ultimately it leads to bossing her around.

The drama is based on novel by Samra Bukhari titled ‘Hasti Ke Ahang’.