Unbelievable ! iPhone captures a grand wedding leaving behind all DSLRs

WEB DESK: Award winning photographer of Israeli descent, Sephi Bergerson has proved that a fancy professional camera is not a must for wedding photography,an iPhone is just as good.

The Goa-based photographer, Bergerson captured a grand Indian wedding on his iPhone 6s Plus and the results are no less than a DSLR.


Wedding photography happened by chance for Bergerson. He started shooting weddings “out of sheer curiosity,” which was followed by a contract to photograph Indian weddings for a book, Behind the Indian Veil.

He fulfilled his long-term desire when he found a couple who was willing to let their big day be shot through the lens of an iPhone.


In an interview with Mashable, Sephi shared his excitement saying, “The wedding was probably the biggest I have ever photographed — it took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan [and spanned] over three days.”

The photographer, who has shot countless weddings also shared that people are skeptical to take the risk for fear [and common misconception] of being unprofessional without an expensive gear.

“I keep telling my clients that it is not about who was at the wedding but how you felt at that moment. When you look at them later on you should be able to relive the feeling,” Bergerson says.

“What I like about the iPhone is it helps me get much closer to the subject and have eye contact. With DSLR, the camera comes between me and the subject.”

Comparing iPhones and DSLRs he said: “The iPhone won’t replace the DLSR but it offers a completely new medium of photography. The kind of images that come out are somewhere between documentary or photo journalism and what I would call fine art, closer to paintings.”

He added :”Shooting with a smartphone still has its challenges, especially under low light when he struggled with the ISO limit on the iPhone. Shooting motion shots on the dance floor, for instance, also proved to be problematic. But what intrigues me the most are all the post-production options available directly on the smartphone.”

Here check out the mind blowing shots from the grand wedding:











Is that Atif Aslam performing? Well, I guess yes.


In this video Sephi narrates his whole experience:

Sephi’s adventure isn’t over as yet. He is all set to shoot and edit wildlife on his iPhone for his book iKenya.