Sunny Leone snubbed journalist upon misogynist interview

WEB DESK: Indian actress Sunny Leone snubbed journalist Bhupendra Chaubey upon ‘misogynist’ interview with calm and dignity. She scooped support for her stance from superstar Amir Khan later the incident and from fellow actors. 

Chaubey asked Leone what her biggest regret was – a question widely interpreted as a cue for the actress to apologise for her porn past. When she answered that it was not reaching her mother in time before she died, Chaubey asked the question again, making it clear what he really wanted her to talk about. And for many viewers things went downhill from there.

Later in the interview Chaubey asked: “In the last four years, according to statistics which have been put up by Porn Hub, since you have come into the national mainstream cinema, the number of people watching porn in India have also, in a proportionate manner, increased substantially to a degree that we are the largest consumer of porn. Is there any correlation?”

No Leone said, there was not.

Chaubey said there was a perception among some Indians that simply watching a Sunny Leone film could corrupt a person. “I am thinking am I being morally corrupted if I am interviewing you?” he asked.

“I can leave if you want me to,” she responded coolly

Celebrities across India showed solidarity with Sunny Leone with these tweets.