Street barbers causing health hazards

ISLAMABAD: The Street barbers are causing health hazards due to the usage of unsterilized equipment, leading to several skin problems and diseases like hepatitis.

One can see a number of barbers with makeshift shops under the trees in Federal Capital sectors of G-6, G-7, G-8, I-10 and in Rawalpindi several areas including, Pirwadhai and Faizabad.

The unhygienic use of equipment’s led to dangerous diseases due to the transfusion of blood through razors, a health expert Dr.Arif Majeed observed.

He said that barbers have the responsibility to be careful about public health usually a barber does not bother to sterilize the razor after they cut the hair of their client.

“Mainly barbers should have cleaned the razor first, which is also their responsibility”, he remarked.

The health expert advised “barbers should fully wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 second and use an approved hand disinfectant before each client. He suggested that barbers should practice general good hygiene practices.

Likewise, he said syringes must be disposed of properly and disinfected instruments should be stored in a clean, covered and secure area.”

A resident Imtiaz Khan of G-7 said ” Reason of going to street barbers due to the cheap price, I cannot afford professional hair dresser they charged high rates. “Adding “I know it causes skin problems once I got cut on my cheek and it had took days to recover.”