Snow falling dropped mercury below -9 degree

SKARDU: A wave of winter snow falling started which turned the weather cold and the mercury dropped below from-9 degree centigrade from last night in Skardu.

According to details, the snow falling in upper reaches areas are 3 to 4 feet while in the down town areas are 3 to 4 inch up till now. The routine life in the area was completely suspended which left the locals stranded into their homes.

The upper layers of lakes have frozen due to minus temperature in the region. People have already stored food items, wood for their cooking and get their houses warm.

Due to this extreme cold weather people of Gilgit Baltistan are moving towards other parts of country like Rawalpindi-Islamabad and Karachi to spend their winter vocations.

The locals were also facing acute shortage of eatables, medicines and other facilities.