Samsung Set To Introduce Foldable Smartphones

Seoul, South Korea: Samsung could be working to launch a radically different smartphone with a foldable screen.

According to Business Insider, Analysts at HSBC are predicting that the South Korean conglomerate is creating a smartphone with a foldable screen which could arrive in the second half of this year. Samsung has been dwelling on the foldable-screen technology for years, and there are rumours that it is developing a smartphone under the codename ‘Project Valley’.

Few expected the technology to hit markets soon, however HSBC report suggest that Samsung is likely to utilize the technology commercially, and we should expect to see a launch this year.

The fold would allow users have a far bigger screen without significantly increasing the size of the device.

According to Ecumenical News International, Samsung will use the foldable smartphone to deal with its competitors, especially from China. In addition to this, there have been a number of patents for foldable phones and this indicates that several companies have plans for such devices.

Recently, Samsung has shown more willingness to experiment with the design of its phones, as compared to its competitors. This year, Samsung is set to bring a curved screen variant of the Galaxy S7.

Source: Businessrecorder