Sale of soups, coffee shoots up across Pakistan

KARACHI: With the weather rapidly turning chilly, the sale of tea, coffee and soup is on the rise in the markets all over Pakistan with each passing day.

Shoppers visiting the markets like to enjoy soup, coffee and tea to keep themselves warm in the cold evenings.

Abbas Ali, a shopper at Tariq Road, said he always enjoyed a hot cup of tea or soup whenever he went out for shopping. Green tea and soup gave the much-needed warmth in the cold weather of Karachi, he added. People who come to the markets with their families and friends surround the stalls and spend time chatting, as they sip their tea or take spoonful of soup.

A stallholder said as the weather turned cold, his sale of tea and soup went up. Many people cannot afford to go and buy tea, soups and snacks from big hotels, so they are content to buy them from stalls in nearby markets.

According to a shopper, the hygienic condition around these stalls was not `exemplary’. He said people bought tea or soup from these stalls because of the cold weather as they did not want to travel far in the freezing weather.