Saga of leading sculptors continues to allure art lovers

ISLAMABAD: The display of leading sculptors’ art pieces is continued to attract art lovers at National Art Gallery (NAG) as it collected the sculptures since its inaugural show in 2007.

The National Art Gallery serves the art students, upcoming and established artists and visitors to not only see the works of legends of the art world but also take inspiration from their work as well as learn for their masterly techniques.

“The galleries of the NAG at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) offer a unique treasure of masters in various visual art forms through display of their work at permanent collection,” said Director Visual Arts, PNCA, Musarrat Naheed Imam while talking to APP.

Among the most popular are Anjum Ayaz, Rabia Zuberi, Amin Guljee, Jamil Baloch, Irfan Hakim, Khalil Chishti, Rubee Chishti and others.

Anjum Ayaz is a Pakistani sculptor, theater director, painter and actor whose work is made up of stone and mixed materials for specific large size sculptures for public, beaches and gardens. His work has been exhibited in Montreal, Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Dubai, New York, Beijing, Holand, Germany, Singapore, Sydney and regularly in Pakistan for the past 30 years.

Rabia Zuberi, has dedicated her life to art and art education in Pakistan. The recurring theme of Zuberi’s artworks is humanism. Through the medium of drawing, painting and sculpture, she voices out to the world to seek for love, forgiveness, social justice and peace.

For Zuberi, sculpture is the source of inspiration that compelsideas to materialize. In early era of sculpture till mid of sixties the idea took its strength from the great innocence of infants and the universal mother love; the forms came up were under subject matter of mother, child infants and animals.

Zuberi is known as Pakistan’s premier women sculptor and the recipient of numerous national awards. Her work has been nationally acknowledged through awards and top honors. She was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the PNCA. A monumental sculpture `Plea for Universal Peace, is in the collection of the NAG.

Sculptor Amin Guljee is an innovator of tradition. His medium is metal, his inspiration is the varied and rich spiritual history of his native Pakistan. His work has followed many different directions, from the purely abstract to work that is inspired from Hindu mythology, Buddhist civilization and Islamic calligraphy to depict the spirituality of man.

Jamil Baloch’s work narrates the impact of social and political barriers upon the society. He works in multiple mediums that signify different behaviors of a society. Belonging to a rich cultural heritage, he incorporates the traditional models with modernity in his art.

Presenting a unique concept and creativity in sculpture, Irfan Hakim showcases innovation and captures every minute detail while lavishly recreating as close to the real life model as possible, even if the sculpture appears to be tiny or a bit larger than the original scale.

Khalil Chishti’s work mines the ubiquitous plastic bag in the unlikeliest of ways. Using his strong yet slight material, he has created figure with sculptural precision and great attention to detail.

Though his creations look light and fluid but they are intense; evoking the physical and emotional vulnerability with a piercing sensibility of human condition.