Is running on a treadmill better than running outside?

WEB DESK: Outdoor running is far healthier than running on a treadmill, a study carried out in Singapore suggests.

According to the study, people who run outside run faster than those who shed calories on a treadmill. The scientist who conducted the research concluded that when people run on a treadmill they go significantly slower, even though they think they were going just as fast.

It seems that when people run outside, they unconsciously work harder. They also observed that repeating the same movement on a treadmill puts exerciser at greater risk of joint or ligament damage. So if you use a treadmill it’s a good idea to mix it up a bit by varying the speed and the incline.

They found that exercising in natural environments, particularly in green spaces, “was associated with greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement, decrease in tension, confusion, anger and depression, and increased energy”.

They also found that people who exercised outdoors claimed to enjoy it more, find it more satisfying and said they were more likely to do it again.

Source: BBC