Routine life disrupted as country experiences severe wave of cold

WEB DESK: Routine life of people has been disrupted as the country is experiencing a severe wave of cold.

Dense fog has engulfed Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and suburban areas. Fog completely disrupts air and ground of Peshawar.

Due to dense fog Peshawar and Islamabad flight operations at Bacha Khan Airport and Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA) have been suspended. Two International flights were affected and deviated towards Lahore airport from Peshawar. While 35 local flights at BBIA were delayed.

Low visibility resulted in sections M-1, M-2, and M-3 of the motorways Islamabad and Charsaddah road, university road of Peshawar.

A cold that could freeze the blood in veins was experienced in numerous areas of Balochistan including Quetta, Ziarat and Qalat.

In Skardu, Astor, Hunza and other mountainous areas, daily life has seemed to grind to a halt due to the severe drop in temperatures.

Weather experts said light showers were expected in Lahore on Monday while the dry, cold weather is expected to continue in Karachi and various parts of the country.